Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 4 – Mini-Episode: Nomad Sarah on Emotion, and Handling Holidays

Welcome back to another episode of Support Breakfast!

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No breakfast updates on the Support Brekkie podcast this week, as this is a shorter, special edition. First, we hear from Nomad-Sarah about her insight into the topic we discussed in episode 1 of our episode: emotion. She’s had really interesting experiences in Turkey recently, and relates that back to customer support. We don’t want to spoil this for you, so go ahead and listen above.

If any support breakfasters are in Cyprus, Jordan or Israel and fancy a chat with Sarah about support or breaking out of the queue, you can connect with her on Twitter @sarahleeyoga.

Conor have yet to be able to hunt down that Terry Pratchett quote, which relates to not being able to see inside someone else’s mind, but if you know what that might be, email us! Lisa, on the other hand, was able to tell us about Pratchett’s Boot Theory.

In the second part of the episode, we talk through how we approach holiday periods, and how we make sure that the impact on customers is minimised. Dave mentioned Buffer’s approach of company-wide vacation, and their new minimum vacation policy. He also talks about how Buffer highlight when they’ll be taking a break for Christmas this year.

Lisa mentioned that Moz’s approach is pretty different, and that they always have people who “volunteer as tribute” for holiday shifts, in exchange for other time off. Their focus is responding to urgent matters and making sure that nothing is on fire.

Conor mentions that a key point is to plan in advance, and see what individual, cultural and religious differences there are within your team, and see how these difference can be used to your advantage. For example, during Thanksgiving in the United States, our offices in the United Kingdom and Australia can cover any work that might come up.


Have your own thoughts on emotion, or handling support during holidays? If you have a question about customer support that you’d like to hear us discuss, you can get in touch with us via Twitter or email.

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See you next time!

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