Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 6 – Support meets Product

Welcome back to another episode of Support Breakfast! We’re going to have to get a little more creative with these intro lines, huh?

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This morning, Lisa had a horrible start to the day and is surviving on caffeine, internalised anxiety and half a raisin danish. Dave ate cheesecake for breakfast, something we’re assured doesn’t happen that often. Sarah took her porridge to the next level by adding Chocolate Oat Milk and Conor had toast with both peanut butter AND apricot jam – who knew?!

Today we’re super excited to welcome Nomad Sarah (from Supported Content) into the live podcast, wahoo! She’s been making the most of the exceptional honey in Cyprus, by slathering it on bread for almost every meal.

For our support experiences this week; Conor shared his love for the team at Goddard’s Vet in Mile End who went above and beyond to make sure that Ling, his beloved cat, didn’t spend the festive season hungry. Lisa had a go at delivering her own Christmas miracle and was rewarded handsomely with well-wishes for both her and her family.

We also received our first ever email – thanks so much, Chirag! You can also send us your greetings or questions to

Support meets Product

This episode we talk about all things “Product” and where Support and Success teams fit within the development and life-cycle of the product.

First up, we wanted to find out how the Support and Product teams interact in our respective companies and were amazed at the different ways in which teams approach this issue.

We learnt that Expensify doesn’t have a dedicated product team, so the CEO David (Barrett) wrangles the broader vision and direction of the product. When it comes to looking at developing specific features or researching and finding solutions, the Success team takes the lead on those grittier details. While Expensify doesn’t have a formal or centralised place to record their feedback, they rely heavily on internal communication to make sure the most important features float to the top.

Sarah discussed how Timely uses Trello to record customer (and staff) suggestions or requests for new and improved features, as well as her own desire to feel like she’s done “something” with that feedback.

There are multiple product teams at Moz to manage the three main products under the Moz umbrella. The Customer support team monitor conversations for frequent issues, which are regularly reported on via a “User insights” meeting. Suggestions with less demand are logged in a spreadsheet, which is reviewed and triaged periodically.

Dave discussed the importance of keeping your ear to the ground for UI or experiences that have room to be improved, perhaps things that customers aren’t pointing out to you directly. Nomad Sarah filled us in on a time a website removed their login button from their home page, which sent their support emails around logins through the roof.

Sarah discussed the idea of “Quick wins” i.e. small improvements that can add value to the customer. While Conor and Lisa reminisced on the time Intercom (a product both teams use) changed their URLs from “.io” to “.com” and the unforeseen circumstances that arose from it.

Dave reminded us what happened when Homer Simpson was given free reign to design a car and Nomad Sarah brought our attention to the 12 signs you’re working in a feature factory. Then Lisa shared an excellent metaphor about making toast and how the journey to the same outcome might be quite different between customers.

Not all customer feedback should be treated as negative. If a customer is engaging with the product and seeing ways in which is can be improved, it’s a great sign that the customer wants to stick around and is invested in your product.


Conor gave a special shout out to Expensify’s champion of the year, David from Let go, who always has great feedback and insight into how the product can be even better! I think we all agreed how valuable those customers are in building a great product together  #rampupthegratitude.

We decided to have some fun and were handed a metaphorical magic wand and told we were given one product related wish, oh my!


Lisa wants the new crawler in Moz to be ready already.

Conor wants to create a Gmail importer/scraper that automatically finds receipts in your Gmail account and adds them to Expensify account (ummm, awesome?!).

Sarah can’t wait for the POS and integrated payments feature on the Timely iOS app to go live.

With our powers combined, we dug out some of our favourite product-related resources, for further enlightenment:

Nomad Sarah also blew our minds and suggested sitting down and talking to your product team, one-on-one, so you can get on the same page.

Your homework for this week is to listen to the Support Ops podcast (we love you guys!) and to use the Splitwise app when you need to share expenses within a group of people.

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See you next time!

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