Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 10 – It’s not personal, it’s just business

Hey folks, can you believe it’s episode 10 already? If this is your first episode of the Support Breakfast podcast, you can find us on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, or whatever podcatcher you use (just search for “Support Breakfast”).

The topic for this episode is how you can manage both work life and personal life, and what to do when your personal life needs some TLC. Enjoy!

Nomad Sarah hosted this week’s podcast, and started her day off the right way, with avocado on toast. Lisa’s internet is pretty slow, but she had cereal for breakfast! Conor feels disappointed that he didn’t have a proper breakfast, and just a Bounce bar. Kiwi Sarah made… Huel pancakes, which were mildly successful and sounds awful. Dave had blackcurrent jam on toast (with lots and lots of butter, and extra protein from his moustache).

Nothing in the mailbag this week, but we’ve started to see pictures of people who have received our stickers! Want a sticker of your own? Drop us an email via!

In our real-life support experiences this week, Dave learns about the value of keeping promises via his leaky windows.

So – on to the topic of the week!

Lisa leads the topic this week, and starts with the question: is there a line between business and personal? Kiwi Sarah feels like there’s forcefield, rather than a line, and Nomad Sarah feels like there aren’t specific “work” and “home” boxes.

I think if you barricade them off to much, then you’re risking putting feelings into a box, either in Work or in Personal, which isn’t how humans function – Nomad Sarah

Dave wonders if it’s easier to be able to “leave things behind” if you work in an office environment, but also things that it’s likely to be very individual. Conor also feels like our particular hosts are perhaps a little biased, but that he also has a strict separation between having work conversations at work, and not having them outside of work.

I don’t have push notifications for anything work-related on my phone, and once I switch from work-mode Conor to home-mode Conor, I have these strict boundaries around that but that’s a way of me managing stress and anxiety – Conor

We all talk about managing teams, and when you sometimes need to reserve a little bit of yourself when you’re leading people, and whether Nomad Sarah has professional boundaries, or not!

Sometimes Sarah-Sarah would want to be friends with them, but Manager Sarah knows that there has to be a distance some times – Lisa

Conor likes to think that there are hats and contexts, which makes it easy and possibly to have hard conversations, but then still able to enjoy spending time with people.

the first thing we would do at the meeting is check-in… we would say where we were, and how we were feeling and feelings that might impact our days… it was a really good way of seeing where everyone was, and putting our emotional baggage on the table – Kiwi Sarah

Lisa mentions the culture of accountability (not blame) in NASA, via Chris Hadfield’s An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.

Nomad Sarah relates a post from Reddit that suggests that you don’t need to accomplish everything in a single day, and that you just need to make a little progress each day towards your goals. Conor does feel like some days you have to have a day that is off, and where you can’t even put that minimal effort in – and you can accept that.

Kiwi Sarah puts it really well by relating advice from Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, in suggesting that you should do the best for your own context. Lisa has started to learn that she needs to treat herself as well as she would treat a friend. She also rewards herself with stickers.

Conor relates a recent experience where he found it really difficult to juggle personal life and work life, and how he learned that he could step back from commitments temporarily to feel less overwhelmed. Nomad Sarah also feels like it’s your responsibility to step back, so that you can continue to do what you need to do.

Lisa also shares some immortal advice from Ron Swanson of Community (NB: It’s actually Parks & Rec) fame:

Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

Conor did some research in advance, and chatted to the Support Driven community (join us!) about how they deal with stress and needing to work. Their advice was to take advantage of flexibility and taking time off, and to communicate that there’s something stressful going on.

we should set ourselves up to prepare, and top up that reservoir… maintain the energy at best we can… preparation as a method of self-care – Dave

Our pro-tips for self-care:


  • Conor wants you to get in control of your financial situation with You Need a Budget
  • Conor also wants you to learn from You Need a Budget’s amazing support content, and in particular that they have a philosophy around money.

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Have a great week!

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