Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 14 – Be More Constructive with your Feedback

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This week, we’re jiving off something that we mentioned in our metrics episode: feedback. How do you give and take feedback?

But first, breakfast!

  • Nomad Sarah: A wrap with cheese and rocket aka arugala
  • Conor: Home-made hummus plus popcorn rice crackers, and flapjacks, and coffee (in an Alice in Wonderland mug)
  • Kiwi Sarah: Coffee and Huel. Coffee and Huel. Coffee and Huel. She is living off Huel.
  • Lisa: Granola and coffee (in a Cars mug)
  • Dave: Matcha cheesecake. Of course.

Friend of the Show, Mathew Patterson of HelpScout, had a little feedback of his own on our last episode:

Patto, you are absolutely correct: we can sometimes be guilty of taking the benefits of a beautiful product that works well, and not wanting to take responsibility for when the product has challenges.

Both Lisa and Dave have really interesting stories about their experiences of their whole company being involved in the support side of crises. Interested? You should be – listen, and find out.

REMINDER: We’re having a Support Breakfast drinks on the last Friday in March (in London). We’d love for you to join us if you can. You can find out more by joining the Support Driven community and finding us in the zlocal-london channel.

Lisa leads the discussion for this week’s topic, which is all about feedback. Conor talks through the formal feedback processes for Expensify, primarily: one-to-ones, 360s and peer reviews of conversations by other Success Coaches.

we were giving transparent feedback, which meant people were not having the opportunity to have a conversation about feedback in private, to set some context that wasn’t necessarily apparent, and it could be quite embarrassing – Dave

Within Buffer, Dave noted that they used to use a product for internally-transparent feedback, which they experimented with and found to be challenging due to the value of private spaces. Kiwi Sarah provides and receives feedback in Timely via one-to-ones, yearly performance reviews, via 15Five and informally via Slack. Lisa calls back to episode 2 on communication, because Moz has communication guides! If you’re interested, Lisa’s communication guide is available here. Moz also uses 7Geese for feedback, as well as via email and Slack.

Dave reported back on a strange pattern they discovered from Bufferoos taking the 16personalities quiz: most people were INFT and ENFT. That’s a strange pattern. Nomad Sarah explains what Strengths Finder is, and Kiwi Sarah talks about dots.

We next focused on how we best take and receive feedback.

if you externalise the feedback… and if your feedback is based around those values… then it’s not me as an individual, and you as an individual, it is us as a collective group – Conor

If you have something scary that you need to run past a large group, can you ease yourself into it?

I like to pick a few people on different teams, and I’ll go to them personally, and I’ll say “Here’s what I’m working on, what do you think?” and when I feel like I’ve got enough yeses from my insider group, I’ll post it for the wider group – Kiwi Sarah

Also, give feedback when it happens!

Don’t hoard your feedback for an entire year and not help someone fix the things that they’re getting wrong – Lisa

Nomad Sarah has some great insight, as someone who has managed a large group of people.

It’s much easier to give people “nice” complements, and “good” feedback, and save the “bad” feedback until you’re really forced for it all to come out… if you’re in that position, you need to realise that you can’t just save bad feedback because you feel uncomfortable, it’s not fair on the people you’re managing – Nomad Sarah

And… what is a s**t sandwich? You’ll have to listen to find out.


  • If you like watching movies, and making fun of movies, Lisa recommends RiffTrax. Be forewarned: it may hurt.
  • Nomad Sarah recommends the Built With Chrome extension.


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