Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 15 – Yoghurt is Culture

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This week, we’re talking about culture! What is culture?

But first, breakfast! We’re all in Lisa’s house today, recording in-person.

  • Conor: Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs.
  • Kiwi Sarah: Coffee and Huel, again. Also Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs.
  • Lisa:Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs.
  • Dave: Cheesecake. And Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs.

Conor’s customer story mentions the wonderful Wholefood Heaven, and Dave had an OK-ish experience with Patagonia.

Nick Gaston from Proposify showed us an Instagram of his laptop, which includes a fabulous Support Breakfast sticker!

Shout out to WeSupport who included us in their newsletter, and also tweeted our last feedback episode. Thanks WeSupport!

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Dave kicks-off our topic, which focuses on our company culture. He starts by questioning: if company culture is well-defined in your organisation, how can you tell when people are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Lisa does a call-back (that’s the lingo for referring back to a past episode – Conor) to Episode 1 (about emotion in customer support), where she had mentioned that Moz’s values are captured by TAGFEE, which gives them a reference point for making sure that they are doing their best by their customers. Similarly, Kiwi Sarah mentions that Timely has a Timely Life identity.

It’s not just a set-and-forget thing; you can’t just decide that your company has this kind of value, and this is how we do things here, and then not think to check in, or reflect on situations where you weren’t in-line with your company’s culture – Kiwi Sarah

Lisa raises the question of whether you can just “forget” about your culture over time and forget to question how well things are working.

For a long time, on the Coach side of things, we had ideas about what could change in the product, and what would be possible to change in the product, and then we got some new hires and then they challenged those ideas… and things that we had thought would be great, but would be technically impossible, became possible – Conor

We got a little bit side-tracked by And Then The Murders Began, but what is breakfast without a distraction?

Your values should inform your culture, but your culture will end up including things that are not part of your values – Lisa

Dave chats about how Buffer has been self-reflecting and “terking” about the challenges of artificial harmony, and of how you balance “choosing positivity” with “Doing the right thing”, and Lisa and Conor talk about the challenges of certain habits and practices.

We also talk about the hard times: overwork, lay-offs and the challenge of a public and private persona. We also share stories of family, work, and being open when we need to be open.

We’re really happy to take a moment to recognise our own privilege in working for companies which value customer support. Also, Support Driven is a great community. Thank you, people.


  • Lisa: Be a badass, get a tattoo (of our logo) (ed. by Lisa – No peer pressure, I’m just saying that if you already want one, Alex at Santo Cuervo is AMAZING.)
  • Kiwi Sarah: Ask a colleague you don’t know that well wtf they do, and what they’re working on.

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