Support Breakfast Supconf Seattle Special

Look! It’s not Thursday but there’s a new episode! A very special bonus episode with alliteration, describing of all the breakfast foods, a huge number of guest stars and party parrot.

Here’s a lesson, friends – if there’s no real need for a difficult deadline, don’t give yourself one. I really wanted to set this bonus episode live today and it was the episode that just kept growing in scope. First it was 10 minutes of conversation with a room full of people at Supconf, then I added interviews with Scott Tran, Matt Dale and Christina Jones. All of that makes for a lot of editing. More editing than I had prepared myself for. If you’re wondering why this blog post is a little sparse, that’s why.

I think the episode turned out okay, despite being kind of a mishmash of things. Hopefully you find listening to it as interesting as I found putting it together and talking to everyone.

If not, here’s the party parrot gif to distract you:


And here are the slides from my talk at Supconf Seattle:

If you’d be interested in putting together a talk or if you’re just curious about the Support Driven Wiki, you can find it here.

If all this talk about how great the Support Driven Slack community is makes you want to join, you can do that here.

If you’re interested in attending SDX in Portland, you can find out more and back it on Kickstarter.

Thanks so much to everyone who agreed to be part of this podcast. I hope you all had fun!


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