Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 30 – Dogfood? And then I found $10

This week we talked about the concept of “dog-fooding” (ew) i.e. using your own product. Do we use our own products (aside from supporting them)? Were we customers before we were employees? Enjoy!

Before we dive in, what did we have for breakfast?

Well the UK heatwave has broken and we’ve had a few cooler days so Dave and Conor have reverted to porridge. Kiwi Sarah had giant pancakes (as big as your face!) and Lisa had Rice Crispies and coffee.

Our customer stories this week include Conor’s delivery of drinking glasses which were 1/3 smashed (boo!) but because they came from John Lewis (who have a great reputation for customer service!) he’s super confident it will all get taken care of (yay!). Kiwi Sarah had a very successful customer call proving once again that people can be lovely in real life! We agreed that outbound customer calls are often much more manageable and even fun!

What’s in the mailbag this week? We got some lovely notifications from Twitter about some new followers, so hi to Anna, Russell and the folks at Digital Genius!

So – on to the topic of the week – to what extent do we use our own products?

We begin by outlining what our respective products do. That makes quite a big difference to your personal experience of them, and to your product knowledge.

Conor works for Expensify, which helps people create expense reports that don’t suck – helping employees get reimbursed, and helping finance departments manage company credit cards
Dave works for Buffer, which helps people maintain a consistent social media presence by scheduling posts, along with tools for measuring their social media performance and managing replies and conversations on social media
Kiwi Sarah works for Timely, which profides an appointment management system for people in the health and beauty industry
Lisa works for Geckoboard who build live dashboards to display the key metrics helping teams keep track of company goals


In the conversation, we explore how we came across the product and the company we ultimately ended up working for. Does being a customer make you at helping other customers? Do you use or test competitors products?


Have a topic you’d like to hear us get into? An awesome cat gif? (Puppy gifs also welcome!) Email us

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Have a great week!

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