Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 32 – Just say no

Customer support folk aim to deliver happiness, but sometimes we have to deliver disapointment. In what situations do we have to say no, and how do we do it with respect and kindness?

Before we dive in, what did we have for breakfast?

For breakfast, Dave has had crêpes with chocolate and coffee. Lisa finished off some rice crispies (along with the rice crispie dust). Conor has not had breakfast – unless a mini flapjack counts! He has loads of lovely leftovers from a vegan coookery course 🙂

Quick shout out to Dave’s beard!

So – on to the topic of the week – how do we deliver bad news to our customers?

We discussed the different scenarios where we might not be able to meet our customers needs or expectations. How do we tackle those?

  • Bugs – This won’t be fixed as soon as you need it, or in some cases we may have no fix planned
  • Feature requests – some people are very passionate needing a certain feature which is not on our product road map
  • I want to work / intern for you / write for your blog
  • You can’t have a refund, soz

It was fun to explore these! If you had a chance to listen and have any thoughts, please get in touch to share them with us!

Homework: some recommended blog posts and apps to explore

Helpscout’s blog post on breaking up with customers
Helpscout’s post on saying no
Groove HQ post on saying no
Check out Frinkiac a meme generator for The Simpsons (like this!)
Set up a love@… email account to forward your customers lovely messages and share them with your team
GifHunter – Mac toolbar app (you’ll never guess what it does!)
Dave’s homework is to install and use Shush so you don’t have to hear him coughing (soz!)

Have a topic you’d like to hear us get into? An awesome cat gif? (Puppy gifs also welcome!) Email us

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Have a great week!

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