Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 34 – All Aboard!

This week we’re talking about user onboarding. How do we introduce our customers to our product and convince them that we’re worth their precious time and money?

We’re very pleased to have Alison Groves from Highrise join us as a guest, to talk to us about her experience with helping customers get started in Highrise.

Before we dive in, what did we have for breakfast?

For breakfast, Conor had five-grain toast with almond butter and banana. Lisa had cold left-over pizza (she’s living her best life). Alison had a chocolate, banana and spinach protein shake. Tasty!

Alison and Lisa each share a customer story. You’ll need to listen to hear more about Alison learning about being her best-self, and how you can give your best support. Lisa gives kudos to Tettra (check out Homework below, too!).

Chelsea Stroh from Recruiterbox sent us tweets about listening to our podcasts offline, and having all of the thoughts, but not being able to tweet them. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this eppie Chelsea!

And now, the topic of the week: how do you help new customers get the best start with your product or service?


Our conversation this week is focuses on the following questions;

  • What does onboarding mean for your customers? When does it start? When does it end?
  • Is your customer onboarding something that you’ve meticulously planned or something that arose organically? Or somewhere between the two?
  • How do you interact with customers who are currently onboarding? Do you make the messages personal? In what way?
  • Do you have different onboarding flows depending on behaviour?
  • What kinds of information do you want to convey to users when they first sign up
  • What’s the biggest learning points from the evolution of your onboarding? Have you made any horrible mistakes in your onboarding that you’ve learned from?


  • Sign up to your own product! Use Clarify or Screenflow or anything to document the experience, and the steps it took to get you started. You will be amazed, and probably embarrassed, by how much it assumes
  • Tweet @teamtettra and tell them that you heard how great Shauni and Andy are
  • Read Alison’s posts about onboarding, support and doing video at Highrise

Have a topic you’d like to hear us get into? An awesome cat gif? (Puppy gifs also welcome!) Email us

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Have a great week!

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