Support Breakfast Podcast | Episode 38 – In at the deep end

This week we’re talking about how we bring new team members into our respective companies. Do we have a formal process for introducing them to the company, or to the Support team, and do we just like to throw them all in at the deep end.

Before we dive in (LOL!), what did we have for breakfast?

Dave has just got home from Paris and had a hotel buffet French breakfast with lots of pastries. Kiwi Sarah had cereal with hemp milk! It’s hempy.

Our customer stories this week include how Dave’s friend went shopping in Tiffany’s, and despite being not 100% comfortable in a high end jewellery store, and even telling the staff that they were ‘just looking’, they were made to feel very welcome and were well looked after, even given a tour of the whole store. Kiwi Sarah’s boyfriend had some challenges getting support on the phone when changing phone service provider. Frowny faces all round!

What’s in the mailbag this week? Cobwebs… Do please get in touch 🙂

So – on to the topic of the week – how do we introduce new team members to the company and support?

  • Does your company have a staff onboarding process?
  • Do you have any tools you use for this?
  • How do you introduce a new team member to support?
  • Apprentice vs deep end? Probationary periods/training wheels?
  • Do you have a mentorship program, or have you sought mentorship from someone in/outside of your company.

This section of the podcast is almost exactly 12 minutes in, if you want to jump straight there!


If you’re London based or London-accessible, our very own Lisa is hosting a Support event not to be missed! You can read more info and get your tickets here, and follow the official London Support Lab twitter too. The focus of the event will be measuring success, and there’ll be some lovely support folks to meet and chat to!

Have a topic you’d like to hear us get into? An awesome cat gif? (Puppy gifs also welcome!) Email us

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Have a great week!

Header photo by Todd Quackenbush via Unsplash

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