Episode 55 | Customer personas

Episode 55 of the Support Breakfast podcast with:

– Lisa Hunt (Geckoboard)
– Dave Chapman (Buffer)
– Sarah Ley-Hamilton (Timely)
– Conor Pendergrast (Expensify)

This week, we’re chatting about customer personas. Making decisions based on a customers behaviour, skill level or goals are often used in a marketing context. Does this approach have a place in support?

Links mentioned:
– Diego’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/diego_the_boston_terrier/
– Ellery Bow: ellerybow.com
– Minor Figures Cold Brew: www.instagram.com/minorfigures/?hl
– Jobs To Be Done (JTBD): www.jobstobedone.org
– Wistia – Not phone first: wistia.com/blog/scaling-suppor…er-from-our-website
– Getting curious with Jonathan Van Ness: gettingcurious.libsyn.com



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