Support Breakfast grew out of the Support Driven community as a weekly breakfast for London-based customer support folk to get together and eat pancakes, talk about our experiences with support and keep one another company.

If you’re into podcasts, you can find our Support Breakfast podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundcloudTuneIn and Google Play Music, as well as your favourite podcast app – just search for “Support Breakfast”.

We still meet almost every Thursday and people are welcome to drop in and out and attend on weeks when they can. Read more about the history and building of our Support Breakfast community in this blog post: Building a London Community One Breakfast at a Time

The Podcasters and core crew of Support Breakfast:

Lisa – Customer Success Champion for Geckoboard and former Customer Support Engineer for Moz (and their first UK employee). Lisa is also working on her computer science degree part-time. She spent nine years in retail, with the last few as a manager for Waterstones Booksellers, before moving into customer support. Lisa loves books, music, parks, breakfast foods & tea. She hates bad customer service, wasps and homophobia.

Conor – Success Coach for Expensify, and first UK employee. Conor’s likes are standing desks, veggie restaurants and podcasts. He’s also a fan of audiobooks. Conor’s dislikes are transactional customer relationships, dirty whiteboards and writing bios about himself in the third person.

(Kiwi) Sarah – Customer Champion at Timely and half of the company’s UK team. Sarah is a keen writer, amateur doodler, StartUp enthusiast and has tried (with varying degrees of success) to start a blog no less than 10 times. An aspiring renaissance woman, she’s dabbled in a lot of different careers in her past. She loves books (fantasy preferred), film, photography, stimulating conversation, eating copious amounts of plants and all varieties of tea and coffee. Dislikes dark winters, negative attitudes, injustice, inequality and animal cruelty.

Dave – Happiness Hero at Buffer, lover of peanut butter, silly animal gifs like this one and all things happiness, wellness and tech. Passionate about company culture and identity and how it can be the foundation for customer relationships, community and growth.

(Nomad) Sarah – Founder of Supported Content and world traveler. Sarah packed up her most recent 9-5 job as Director of Support at Kayako this year to focus on creating helpful content for B2B companies. Never in one place for too long, Sarah loves scaling sheer cliffs, seducing the neighbourhood cats and eating her way through most of the world’s cuisine.  She loves talking start-up customer support and data so get in touch!